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Research Topics

To advance the science of sustainable manufacturing and to develop effective and innovative catalytic systems, we promote three research topics - A01: Catalyst Development, A02: Reaction Development, and A03: Synthetic Method Development. Moreover, we facilitate research activities by organizing researchers who participate in these topics. We strive to realize truly advanced molecular transformations as practical synthesis processes of useful materials, to develop superior organocatalysts, and to employ organocatalysts effectively and innovatively.

A01 Group : Design of Controlling Systems in Organocatalysis (Catalyst Development):

To realize the guiding principles in catalyst design, the development of organocatalysis is a major research topic. In collaboration with computational chemists and utilizing diverse experimental approaches, researchers strive to develop new functions, to elucidate catalytic phenomena, and to scientifically understand the underlying mechanisms of substrate-catalyst interactions and activation.

A02 Group : Development of Molecular Transformations by Organocatalysts (Reaction Development):

To achieve intelligent construction of catalytic systems, various molecular transformations are pursued by developing new reactions using organocatalysts and molecular transformations via innovative methodologies in combination with computational chemistry-based analyses of reaction mechanisms.

A03 Group : Practical Synthesis of Useful Substances Using Organocatalysts (Synthetic Method Development):

By applying organocatalysts to develop practical synthetic methods for useful substances, it is anticipated that useful substances, including bioactive compounds (e.g., pharmaceuticals) and functional materials, will be synthesized utilizing organocatalysts and the catalytic systems developed in A01 and A02.